Demolition of a derelict Newquay hotel is well underway ahead of a new luxury housing development being built.

Stephens + Stephens is knocking down the Marina Hotel at Narrowcliff before constructing its Cliff Edge 2 scheme, which will consist of 32 apartments and underground parking.

Dust suppression water cannons are being used to minimise airborne dust and particles given that the required demolition does naturally create dust and disruption for the directly surrounding neighbours.

Dust control measures with plastic sheeting are also be used throughout the works.  

A construction noise and vibration management plan and a waste management plan for prompt removal and disposal of construction debris is all in place.  

The access road and the private roads to the rear of the property has been closed for safety reasons, which has been agreed with the neighbouring Premier Inn. 

Stephens + Stephens completed the build of Cliff Edge next door to the Marina Hotel in 2022, transforming the former eyesore, derelict space that originally the Safi Hostel.  

The high-end homes developer is now set to build ‘Cliff Edge 2’, a “natural extension” to the original building.   

Stephens + Stephens says it is working in collaboration with all the surrounding neighbours during the hotel demolition to ensure awareness and health and safety as well as to minimise dust and disruption wherever possible.

Stephens + Stephens says it has an open-door policy.  Should anyone require any additional information about the Marina Hotel demolition, or any of the Stephens + Stephens projects, they should contact [email protected]