TWENTY-five new houses in Redruth have been approved despite the local Cornwall councillor agreeing with the town council’s concerns about road safety and the loss of agricultural land.

Lifestyle Homes applied for planning permission to build the houses, including seven “affordable” properties, on land at Treleigh, Redruth. Permission in principle had previously been granted for up to nine houses on the site in 2021.

The application, which was recommended for approval by Cornwall Council’s planning department, was called for discussion by councillor Connor Donnithorne due to his concerns.

Redruth Town Council had unanimously resolved not to support the application due to concerns over access, arrangements for pedestrian crossing and, in particular, the safety of schoolchildren using the route. It also said the proposals were not in keeping with the emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan and that it was “neither necessary nor helpful” to change agricultural land to residential.

Chloe Pitts, a chartered town planner for planning agent Laurence Associates, attempted to alleviate the concerns at a meeting of the council’s west sub-area planning committee on April 29.

She told councillors: “Concerns are raised about the loss of agricultural land. However, given that permission in principle was granted which is still valid, the land has already been lost in this regard. That said, we have still gone to the expense of commissioning an independent land classification report which concludes that the land is Grade 3b which is not deemed to be the best, most versatile land.

“The land is contaminated which is verified by the soils report, meaning that the land being used for agricultural purposes is not a likely scenario.

“Regarding the concerns over highways, when the application was submitted the access point was via Park Rosmoren with associated pedestrian improvements. However, these plans caused concern for the residents of Park Rosmoren due to the increased use of the access and pedestrian access not being adequate.

“Following feedback and a town council meeting, extensive work has been undertaken where the access is now directly off the site on to Basset Road with a pedestrian crossing island. As a result, the concerns of residents have been addressed as well as a highways officer being supportive of the scheme.”