A technology company based in Cornwall, which has been awarded £600,000 in new funding, is planning to create more jobs.   

Long-established Secure Innovation employs more than 100 people, including a team of 30 highly-skilled research and design engineers. 

The business will use the money for infrastructure development and to enhance existing projects, like Remote Planet, a system that can track, monitor and protect people, cash and assets around the world. 

The money from the Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) has been awarded through Cornwall Council’s Good Growth Programme. 

Secure Innovation will use some of the funding to achieve net-zero emissions. It will install solar energy sources and electric vehicle charging points. The Saltash business also plans to construct a staff welfare building. 

Managing director Tony Westington said: “We are immensely proud of our Cornish heritage and are dedicated to playing a role in the region’s sustainable and responsible growth. 

“This funding allows us to upgrade our facilities to continue to deliver trusted cash and asset protection solutions. 

“It also strengthens our commitment to the environment and the well-being of our team. We envision a future where Secure Innovation continues to be a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility in Cornwall.”