THE team from East Cornwall Search and Rescue received a call from Devon and Cornwall Police at 5.10pm on January 10 asking to assist with the search of a high risk missing person with dementia in the Par area.

As team members arrived, they were quickly deployed into search areas. 

A spokesperson from the rescue team explained: “As the job developed we requested the assistance from West Cornwall Search and Rescue Team and Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England.”

It was reported that as team members made their way to the rendezvous point, the incident controller was busy gathering information from the lost person search manager from Devon and Cornwall police.

“Team members were immediately deployed into large search areas consisting of steep slopes, wooded and marshy areas.

“With the recent Facebook plea to the general public, information of our missing person came in that placed them outside of our immediate search area. Police units were deployed to a new location and subsequently found our missing person safe and well.” a spokesperson continued. 

The team were stood down at 7.45pm.