The MP for North Cornwall has made clear his opposition to plans for 540 homes on land near Halgavor Moor Farm in Bodmin.

Wainhomes South West has submitted amended planning proposals for the homes on the land, known locally as Halgavor Moor.

In the amended proposals, the developer sought to reduce the amount of affordable housing on the development from 30 per cent to 25 per cent.

This would see a reduction in affordable houses from 162 affordable dwellings to 135, representing a loss of 27 affordable homes.

The latest plans have been met with further opposition from nearby residents, many of who got together in their opposition to form ‘Save Halgavor Moor’. The plans have been met by 164 objections thus far, with only one expression of support.

Now, Scott Mann, the MP for North Cornwall has reiterated his opposition to the plans, having previously heard from and supported residents who are opposed to the proposals.

He said that in his view, the development proposals were ‘wholly unsuitable’, adding that he had concerns over the reduction in affordable dwellings on the site.

Mr Mann also called on the area’s Cornwall Council members to ensure the new plans are properly scrutinised.

In response to the amended proposals, Scott Mann said: “I reiterate my objections to the Halgavor development on behalf of local residents. It's quite clear that local people do not want this to go ahead, and this is a wholly unsuitable site for over 500 new homes. The reduction in the planned number of affordable homes is also concerning.

“When I was on Cornwall Council, I worked hard to ensure developers delivered affordable homes as part of their plans, and as MP I have highlighted far more suitable sites in North Cornwall for this number of homes. It is up to Bodmin's Cornwall Council members to ensure that plans are properly scrutinised and local people are represented on planning matters. I continue to offer my support to them and the people of Bodmin who are against this application."