Santa Claus undoubtedly hears some unusual requests from children in the run-up to Christmas Day.

One such request was made on a Santa By Steam train at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway on Saturday.

Father Christmas had seen scores of children on the train before greeting a four-year-old boy.

The jolly fellow asked the youngster if he had been good, to which the child replied he had.

Then Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas.

Without any hesitation, the boy told Santa he wanted… sand!

Was this play sand or building sand?

The adults around the boy quickly explained to Santa that the youngster wanted sand so he could make concrete!

Certainly, an unusual interest in a four-year-old.

Santa remained unfazed by the request and carried on chatting, presenting the boy with a gift from his sack. No sand in sight, but a delightful soft toy.

The exchange was all part of the fun on the festive train.

The heritage railway has been running Santa By Steam trains each weekend in December. This week there are also trains scheduled to run on Thursday and Friday from Bodmin General Station to Bodmin Parkway and back.

On Saturday, there was a very festive air at the Bodmin General Station with members of Lostwithiel Town Band adding to the atmosphere by playing Christmas carols and songs.