VANDAL proof public toilets that recently opened in Newquay have closed after they were vandalised.

A vandal reportedly smashed the door handles off at the train station toilets, which is being investigated by the police and Newquay Town Council.

Some of the damage to the door handles ( )

Councillor Andy Hannan, the former chairman of the town council’s environment and facilities committee, which oversees the running of the public toilets in the town, previously stated the facility would be removed permanently if they are vandalised.

It follows the previous public toilets at the train station being repeatedly vandalised, which cost the local taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds to repair.

But the town council has decided to get the door handles fixed and the public toilets are due to reopen once the repairs are complete, which is due to be around Wednesday, July 17.

The town council is keen to have the public toilets open as the Boardmasters Foundation provided £20,000 towards their installation to provide lavatories for people arriving and leaving the surf and music festival by train.

A number of door handles were vandalised ( )

Mayor Cllr Drew Creek said: “I was extremely disappointed to see that the station toilets had been maliciously vandalised. 

“These toilets which are free to all to use will now have to be closed while replacement handles are sourced and fitted. This was not accidental damage. A heavy object was taken to the handles and has bent the metal props. This vandalism comes at a cost to our community. I really struggle to understand why someone felt this was necessary. Our brilliant CCTV team are working closely with the police to apprehend those responsible. We hope to have the toilets open toward the middle of next week.”

A spokesperson for the town council added: “Our newly opened train station toilets have been vandalised. They are now unusable until replacement parts have been ordered and will remain shut. CCTV covering them is being reviewed and a police report filed.”

People are disheartened the train station toilets have been vandalised once again.

A resident said: “This is so sad. The offenders have given no thought to people who need these facilities. Totally selfish.”