An appeal has gone out to find a family of good Samaritans who stopped to help when a pensioner’s car skidded off the road.

Eighty-year-old Alison Meyes from Caerhays was travelling on the A30 towards Hayle, near the west Camborne turn-off, when her car hit a patch of ice.

She explained: “It slid across the road, hit the central reservation and skidded back again. I managed to pull over on the verge at the side of the road and got out to check the car because I’d heard a bang.

“A lovely family pulled over and the man said he’d look at my car while I sat in his van with his wife and young son. They were so kind.

“He said the car looked okay but I was so shaken I couldn’t drive.

“They asked where I was going and I explained I was headed to Trevaskis Farm for lunch with family.

“Then he said his wife would drive me to the farm and he would drive my car behind.”

Miss Meyes said she was so shaken up she thanked them but did not think to ask their names.

“They told me they live in Redruth,” she added. “I was lucky I wasn’t hurt but I couldn’t converse with properly and wanted to say thank you.

“I hoped they, or someone they know, would read the Voice and remember the incident. If it wasn’t for that family, I’d probably still be shivering at the side of the road.”

The incident happened on Saturday around noon. If the family would like to contact Miss Meyes, they can do through the Voice by emailing [email protected].