The green light has been given to operate a temporary park and ride in Newquay throughout the summer.

Cornwall Council plan to establish the facility opposite Hendra Holiday Park, which could cater for up to 400 cars.

The park and ride will run every 12 minutes and will also tie in with the 93 bus service.

The unitary authority has been keen to get a park and ride up and running this summer to help ease traffic congestion in Newquay town centre, especially as a large part of the Tregunnel Hill car park is being developed into housing for the homeless.

The car park in previous summers has been full to capacity with people parking up to visit Fistral Beach and the town centre.

The temporary park and ride was discussed at Newquay Town Council’s meeting last week. Central Cornwall councillor Louie Gardner, the cabinet member for the economy, said: “I have got confirmation the park and ride will be happening this year.

“It will not be on exactly the same site but it will be opposite Hendra and will be the site right next to the road.

“It’s a larger site than last year. It will be twice as big and will fit between 350 and 400 cars.

“This year, unlike last year, it will have a dedicated bus service tied in, which will be the 93 bus service.

But with the park and ride every 20 minutes tied in with the public buses, which is a couple per hour you’ll have a service every 12 minutes into the centre of town and the pricing structure completely ties in.

“That is the important thing. So if you buy a ticket on a public bus to get into town you can use that return ticket to get back on the park and ride bus or vice-versa if you’ve got a concessionary pass of any type that will work on the park and ride bus, which is a first for Cornwall.

“It will be completely integrated in the system we have got at the moment.

“I think there have been some comments to the town council if one of the temporary CCTV’s can go up there.

“They will pay for that move should the town council agree that that should be an extra level of confidence for the public to leave their cars up at the park and ride.

“The park and ride is something we’ve constantly been pushing at. It will become a permanent feature but this year we’re on the site right opposite Hendra. 

“I believe all the tourist information outlets have been told.”

The site for the permanent park and ride is being used as they build the Newquay Strategic Route. Once the route is complete the permanent park and ride will be constructed.