A long-held dream of relaunching a gig rowing club in Crantock has come to fruition.

The Crantock Gig Rowing Club has been revived following the inaugural launch of its gig, currently named Brabyn but soon to be renamed Gannel Maid.

Around 120 people met on the beach to see her launched and expertly rowed past the crowds lining the Gannel Estuary.

A team of rowers from Newquay Rowing Club took the gig on its first outing and were expertly coxed by Crantock Gig Rowing Club’s new president, John Bennetts. 

New club chairman Rob Giles made a speech ahead of the launch, which was followed by Nigel Eustice leading the crowd in singing Crantock Bay.

More than 150 people came together to set up the club and get funding for the boat.

The village has been without a gig rowing club since the 1950s.

Crantock Gig Rowing Club was able to buy Brabyn from Padstow Gig Rowing Club following a £13,000 donation by Crantock resident Alex Salt.

The gig is being housed in at a local farm and the plan is to establish a new clubhouse. 

Meetings are held in the Cornishman pub.

Clare Girardot from Crantock Gig Rowing Club said: “It was an emotional and hugely successful launch and community get-together. 

Brabyn was originally owned by Padstow Rowing Club, who were very sad to see her go, but have said they will enjoy seeing her cherished and bringing pleasure to the community at Crantock, young and old. 

“The gig arrived at the village around a week ago, due to the amazing generosity of a Crantock resident, Alex Salt. 

“Alex kindly donated the funds needed to purchase the gig and with this, the opportunity for the village to come together, form the club and committee, and to move forwards, to see what has long been a dream for many in the village, came to fruition. 

“The club and community will now focus on raising further funds to see the club thrive, with a firm ethos of inclusion and fun for all, a legacy for the future of the village and with the Cornish gig rowing tradition at its heart. 

“A special mention is also needed for The Cornishman pub in Crantock, who kindly donated food for the barbecue and have also proposed to rename their top bar the Gig bar.”

Anyone interested in becoming a member of Crantock Gig Rowing Club or supporting the new venture can email [email protected]