A Penzance business has installed the town’s second bank of ‘fast’ electric vehicle chargers and they are making them available to residents and tourists alike. 

The owners of Fix Auto Penzance in Rospeath Lane have put in place two 40kw ‘fast charge’ DC units that have the ability to fully charge most cars within an hour along with an additional 20kw AC ‘rapid’ chargers.  

Business directors Stuart and Joel Cameron have primarily installed the chargers for customer use but are also making them available for all to use on a first come, first served basis. 

Until now, electric car drivers in the town have only had access to a single fast charge unit installed in the Harbour Long Stay Car Park in Wharf Road. 

According to Zapmap, the generic map pin-pointing EV chargers in Penzance, there is a single fast charging device in the Harbour Lane Car Park along with a pair of slow chargers in St Erbyns Car Park in Carminowe Crescent and in the Marazion Car Park.  

There are also single charging points at the YMCA centre in Alverton and in Jack Lane. The only other single fast charger in the region can be found at the Land’s End visitor centre.  

EV motorists using the Fix Auto Penzance EV chargers pay via an app without any cost to the business. 

Joel said: “EVs are the future of driving and we are seeing more and more coming into our bodyshop and, all too often, they need to be charged. 

“Installing our own fast chargers was the perfect solution and so we investigated various options which is when we discovered there are units available which, via an app, enable the user to pay for their electricity used.  

“As there’s effectively no cost for electricity to the business, making the chargers available for the community, along with the tourists who move into the town to use seemed the obvious move to make.”