A poorly police pup is looking for a new home because he needs a hip replacement.

The nine-month-old trainee Bruce requires an operation so had to leave the puppy training program at Devon & Cornwall Police.

He requires a a new hip but cannot undergo the surgery until he is physically mature.

Bruce will meet that milestone in a few months though a new owner will be able to keep him forever.

The pup needs somewhere to live with a secluded exercise area where he won’t come into contact with other unfamiliar dogs.

Devon & Cornwall Police put out a plea on social media for potential owners to come forward.

Despite his need for surgery, they say that the ‘happy and social’ Bruce is expected to live a normal life after his operation is complete.

The force also are offering to pay for the surgery and any pain medication in the interim.

Writing on Facebook, a spokesperson for the force said: “Could you offer a forever home for former trainee police dog Bruce? 

“He is currently nine months-old and is having to leave the puppy program because he has a particularly poor hip which will need to be replaced.

“The operation and his pain medication in the interim will be paid for by Devon & Cornwall Police. He is expected to have a normal life after the operation.

“He will react to some dogs when on lead and because he is a very lively energetic dog, we will require an experienced GSD owner with the time to devote to him in a location where he will rarely come into contact with other dogs. 

“He is however a very happy social dog who loves people and his new owners should have the experience and time to look after a very energetic physically strong young dog. 

“Ideally, it would be a home where he has access to an exercise area where he isn’t coming into contact with other unfamiliar dogs.

“Anyone who can provide Bruce with a loving home should contact Paul Glennon, the canine development officer.”