CHINA clay giant Imerys reportedly had to deal with travellers pitching up on its land in the St Austell area.

Witnesses said the travellers set up camp earlier this month in the car park of the Par Laboratories on Par Moor Road.

Because it is private land, the company could not call on Cornwall Council to take action.

A spokesperson for the council told the Voice: “There has been no involvement from Cornwall Council in relation to this matter.”

The police, while aware of the situation, had to view the matter as a civil issue rather than a criminal one.

Imerys issued a short statement, saying: “We are collaborating with the authorities to ensure the resolution of this situation.”

The travellers, who were said to have arrived from another location in the county, moved on after a couple of days.

Across the county, there is a recognised shortage of pitches for travellers.

The adopted Cornwall Local Plan for 2020 to 2030 identified a total need of 318 residential pitches and 60 transit pitches by 2030.

The council says some success has been made in delivering pitches, and to date 149 private residential pitches and 15 social transit pitches have been approved.