St Day Football Club has applied to erect four 18m floodlights at its ground at the Community Sports Hall, at Vogue Hill, St Day near Redruth. 

The application is part of improvements to the club facilities in order that the senior football team can ensure promotion to the FA South West Peninsula League (West Division). 

The first team are currently top of the St Piran League which is the FA Regional Feeder League with promotion only possible should the club and facilities meet certain minimum requirements. 

The club also has the opportunity of funding available to undertake such improvements but are also subject to strict time scales and the need to obtain planning permission for the necessary works. 

There is currently planning consent in place for a proposed large two storey extension to the existing clubhouse which includes new changing facilities and general improvements to the building. Floodlights are also required to comply with the FA requirements. 

Four floodlight posts will be required and will be fitted with cowls to the lights to ensure this will limit obtrusive light. Although these are being provided there will not be used that often. 

They will only be used for the senior team games which is likely to be at most for six to eight matches a year.