St Austell, Cornwall boasts breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and a vibrant culture. This beautiful region has not only attracted visitors seeking natural beauty but has also become a popular filming location for various movies.

"About Time" (2013)

The film follows the story of Tim, a young man who discovers he can time travel, as he navigates love and life. St Austell and its surrounding areas, including the historic Charlestown Harbour, provide a stunning backdrop for many scenes, capturing the region's idyllic beauty.

"Poldark" (2015-2019)

St Austell and its nearby landscapes, including the rugged cliffs of Bodmin Moor, feature prominently in the show. The series beautifully captures the area's rugged landscapes, mining heritage, and the resilience of its people, making it a must-watch for both fans of historical dramas and Cornwall enthusiasts.

"The Shell Seekers" (1989)

"The Shell Seekers" is set against the backdrop of Cornwall's stunning coastline. While the film predominantly features the picturesque village of Polperro, St Austell and its surrounding areas provide glimpses of Cornwall's unique charm. The movie showcases the region's enchanting gardens, quaint villages, and golden beaches, inviting viewers to discover the beauty that inspired the novel. 

"Die Another Day" (2002)

For James Bond enthusiasts, "Die Another Day" offers a thrilling adventure that takes audiences around the world, including a notable scene filmed in St Austell's Eden Project. This futuristic eco-park serves as the backdrop for an intense car chase, where Agent 007 races through the iconic domes and lush greenery.

The Eden Project
The Eden Project (Benjamin Elliott, Unsplash)

 Whether you're a film enthusiast or simply seeking inspiration for your next trip, exploring these films offers a delightful way to immerse yourself in the cinematic charms of St Austell.