A man from Davidstow who become famous for eating roadkill and washed up mammals has died after a battle with cancer.

Arthur Boyt, 83, was notorious for dining out on run-over animals for years including weasels, hedgehogs, squirrels and otters.For Christmas lunches in the past he even enjoyed Sperm Whale and dolphin, which he stashed away in his freezer after they washed up on British beaches.

A close friend confirmed he died last week after an 18 month battle with cancer - where he was initially told he had just months to live.

Arthur, who lived on a farm at Davidstow, Cornwall, with his wife, Sue, until they moved to Exmouth, Devon, two years ago, made headlines around the world, and even wrote a book Roadkill: Recollections, Reminiscences and Recipes, that was published in 2022.

News of his death was announced by close friend Helen O'Hare, who said: "Sadly Arthur died on Tuesday, July 4, having been given six months to live eighteen months ago as his prostate cancer had spread. He bore his illness in his usual stoic way."

Paying tribute, she added: "He was a kind and generous man and helped many people on his journey through life. He was an inspiration on how to live simply with as low an impact on the earth as possible. He will be missed greatly. His like will certainly not be seen again."

Arthur, who had previously said conservationists got in touch to tell him he was breaking the law by tucking into a yuletide dolphin, spent many years detailing his unusual eating habits.

The retired information officer and author previously said he started eating road kill at the age of 13.Arhur then spent most of his life finding creatures that have been run-over on roads near his home and scooped them up before taking them home and turning the meat in casseroles, stews, roast dinners and curries.But he also ate exotic animals that washed up on South West beaches, and two years ago for Christmas had Sperm Whale casserole, served with brussel sprouts, for his festive feast.

He previously said the oddest tasting food hed ever eaten was a bat.

He added: "My wife is a vegetarian so she doesn't eat the dishes I cook.

"There will still be a traditional turkey on Christmas Day but I don't like buying and eating meat.

"I feel very strongly about killing animals. I can only just about manage a chicken leg at a party or something."

Arthur's funeral will be held on Tuesday, July 23, at 12pm at the Ogwell Cross Cemetery in Newton Abbot. This will be followed with refreshments at the Ten Tors Inn from 1pm.