A Crowdfunder has been set up to help provide first aid treatment to dog owners in the event of adder bites. 

Adder packs have been created to help pooches receive rapid and appropriate first aid before they are taken straight to a veterinary surgery.  

The Crowdfunder aims to raise awareness of the dangers associated with adder bites while helping dog owners to understand the benefits that the adder packs offer.  

The packs provide a simple ‘what to do’ guide for owners and a list of items that will help both increase the change of your furry friend’s survival and shorten the dog’s recovery time.  

The adder is the only venomous snake found in the United Kingdom. They are generally greyish in colour and have dark zig-zag shaped stripes down their backs. 

Behind the creation of the adder packs and the Crowdfunder is Catherine Hall, a qualified veterinary nurse who has worked in the industry since 1997.  

Her knowledge and understanding of the hazards surrounding adder bites has inspired her to produce these life-saving products which could make all the difference to a dog’s recovery.  

Catherine Hall with dog Mini
(Creator of the adder pack Catherine Hall with her dog Mini)

On her Crowdfunding page, Catherine explains: “As a veterinary professional, I see many cases of adder bites in dogs in which the owner was unaware what to do in such an event or even, that it is indeed an emergency.”  

“My product educates owners and promotes the need for urgent treatment and how to go about delivering this to our very best furry companions. 

“My vision is for every single dog owner in the UK to have this essential pack for peace of mind whilst out and about with their precious pet.” 

To support the Crowdfunder, visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/adderpacks-1  

To purchase an Adder Pack, visit: www.adderpacks.com