Cornwall Council has been criticised for leaving one of its main buildings “lit up like a Christmas tree” at night during the energy crisis. 

An angry dog walker took a series of photos of the Chy Trevail office building illuminated at 9.30pm over the weekend.

The images show the entire interior lit up, with screens and monitors left on. 

The man said: “I was out dog walking last night at Chy Trevail in Bodmin and I noticed the place lit up like a Xmas tree. How can the council justify leaving all the lights and TVs on? We’re constantly told there is an energy crisis. They put our council tax up. For what reason? Because they have forgotten to employ staff that are qualified to use a light switch?”

The criticism comes after similar complaints last year when Lys Kernow (New County Hall) in Truro was pictured with all of its lights on at midnight, both inside and outside. Many residents pointed out that the council’s headquarters’ lights were often seen to be on at night.

A council spokesperson said at the time that the lights were not left on intentionally and the lighting was on due to maintenance work which was due to finish three months later.

Cornwall Council has previously declared a climate emergency and aims to be carbon-neutral by 2030. It has previously said it the council is investing in LED lighting at Lys Kernow and uses renewably-sourced energy to power the building, including solar energy from panels installed on the building’s roof.

Cornwall Council and Linda Taylor, leader of the council, have been contacted to ask why the Bodmin building was lit up at night, but have yet to receive responses.