Renowned Cornish theatre companies Scary Little Girls and ‘Owdyado Theatre have partnered up to lead a campaign for Cornish creatives lobbying for more support for the region’s creative industries.

Over 70 local creatives – including artists, performers, writers and directors – responded to a recent survey despatched by the ‘Owdyado team, looking for their thoughts about the current status of the Cornish creative scene.

Survey respondents are now planning to meet in a bid to consider how to address the challenges facing the sector at a meeting in Penryn later this month.

Anyone working within the cultural sector within Cornwall has an open invitation to attend the event at St Gluvias Village Hall in Penryn on Sunday 26 November from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm – with the aim being to explore these issues through small, informal group discussions to come up with actions to create positive change.

The major issue cited by survey participants was the availability of arts funding within Cornwall, with perceived problems with decision-making criteria from funders and the distribution of the funds across the UK.

Charlotte Bister, creative director of ‘Owdyado Theatre, said: “The survey we undertook earlier this autumn underscores the abundance of ambition, talent, and passion in Cornwall's performing arts community – but it also sheds light on the frustration, anxiety, and exhaustion that many artists face.”

Rebecca Mordan, artistic director of Scary Little Girls, added: “In these difficult times, it can feel like the goal posts are always moving - despite us all working harder and harder. But Cornwall has such a unique performative culture and talented, resilient artists, we feel there is so much we can do if we talk and work together to bring positive change to our sector.’

The partnership to raise awareness of these concerns amongst the creative community will see Scary Little Girls and ‘Owdyado Theatre host similar events in 2024 in various areas across Cornwall.

The event will be held at St Gluvias Village Hall in Penryn on Sunday 26 November from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm and no booking is required.