A Truro woman living in supported accommodation in Coosebean is praising cold water swimming for her to maintain her wellbeing. 

Joanne Gibson, 35, has continued to engage in her long-standing passion for cold water swimming since moving to The Mowhay, part of Salutem Care and Education, in September 2022.  

Her affinity for cold water swimming began in her youth, when she was often accompanied by her mother. She finds both solace and joy in the sea, a sentiment she shares enthusiastically: “It’s fab - I love it.” 

Encouraged by her GP’s advice on the health benefits of swimming, Joanne remains eager to swim in various locations, always under the watchful eye of Mowhay team members who ensure her safety. 

Set amidst five acres of beautifully structured gardens, complete with stone circle, a decorative fountain, apple orchard and three pet goats, The Mowhay specialises in support for individuals with learning and physical disabilities and sensory needs. 

Residents like Joanne are encouraged to pursue a variety of interests and activities, supported by staff, fostering both personal growth and community involvement. These range from attending church services and holding part-time jobs to engaging in local volunteer projects.  

“Witnessing Joanne’s dedication to cold water swimming is a clear indication of the success of our approach,” says deputy manager Summer Hope.

“It exemplifies our mission to empower each individual to find and embrace what truly brings them joy and satisfaction.”