The festive season can be a very difficult one for those who’re grieving and for people around them who may feel they don’t know what to do.

The bereavement team at Cornwall Hospice Care who offer pre and post death support, understand this only too well and have recorded a special podcast.

‘Bereavement versus Christmas’ is available on all main streaming platforms and on the charity’s website. 

The podcast, part of Cornwall Hospice Care’s very popular series ‘Two Old Choughs: A Tale of Two Hospices’, features the charity’s bereavement counsellors, a representative from the Community Services team and two people who’ve been bereaved and share their stories of grieving over Christmas. 

Becky Kitto's husband died five years ago at St Julia’s Hospice in Hayle.

The mum to four from Wendron has been supported by Cornwall Hospice Care’s Bereavement Counsellor Marie Brookes and talks in the podcast of her experiences.

“You don’t know what bereavement’s like until you go through it.

"Our first family Christmas after Julian died we were so mindful it might be difficult that it wasn’t.

"We’d made a few changes and we weren’t expecting it to be easy.

"We then had two Covid Christmases and that was really hard.

"However, last Christmas was the hardest yet.

"There was a dawning that he’s just not here and he’s not coming back.

"I think also in the wider world, though you don’t stop thinking about them, other people move on.

"I’d say be patient with yourself or anyone around you that’s grieving, emotions can’t be controlled.

"Be tolerant and be kind to each other. If you’re sad, tell those around you, be open about how you are, it’s very empowering.” 

The ‘Bereavement versus Christmas’ podcast is available on all main streaming platforms under the banner ‘Two Old Choughs: A Tale of Two Hospices’ and can also be found on Cornwall Hospice Care’s website here - Hospice stories - Cornwall Hospice Care

Information about Cornwall Hospice Care’s bereavement services can be found here - Bereavement Support with Cornwall Hospice Care