Bugle Chapel is planning to remove eight rows of pews in the next couple of months to make more room in the chapel for community events. 

The pews will be for sale, and all money raised will go back into chapel funds for the upkeep on the building.  

The church holds monthly services, and is looking to broaden out its usage by removing the front pews, while keeping those to the side and rear.  

While some have questioned the need to remove and sell the pews, a church spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, the building is only used for the odd service now, which will not keep the building going – it has to be used for other things as well. If it’s not used, with our dwindling congregation, unfortunately we would lose it.” 

The spokesperson added that removing the front pews would make more space also for funerals and disabled use. 

Further information will be available following a meeting of Bugle church council at the beginning of October. Interest can be expressed via the church’s Facebook page.