A RENEWABLE-energy heat pump created by a Chacewater company has been added to the Science Museum Group collection as a UK green heating pioneer.

First launched in 2012, Kensa’s compact “Shoebox” heat pump made affordable renewable heating in high-rise flats a reality. It quickly became a best-seller, and is now responsible for around a third of all UK ground source heat pump installations.

It is the first ground source heat pump to be included in the collection, where it joins over seven million historic and significant items collected and documented by the Science Museum Group since 1851.

On display to the public as part of the Science Museum’s new Adani Green Energy Gallery, it will rub shoulders with trailblazing energy transition products such as the historic Bersey electric taxi cab and one of the world’s first rechargeable batteries.

Kensa Heat Pumps CEO Tamsin Lishman said: “Street by street, Kensa is cleaning up heating across the UK, bringing ground source heat pumps to supposedly hard-to-decarbonise buildings, making homes warm and comfortable through renewable technology and taking people out of fuel poverty.

“Seeing our ‘little white box’ immortalised in the Science Museum collection as a green heating pioneer is a remarkable achievement, but one this incredible product fully deserves.”