Average Speed Cameras in Trewoon have finished being constructed and were last week set to be handed over to Devon and Cornwall Police.

Campaigners have been battling for years to get the cameras installed in a bid to curb speeding traffic.

The Voice last week reported the culmination of the campaign led in recent years by Cornwall councillor for the area Michael Bunney.

John Kneller, chair of St Mewan Parish Council, said: “This has been a huge priority for the community of Trewoon for years and whenever we have held community speedwatch sessions on the A3058 in Trewoon we regularly found over 10 per cent of vehicles exceeding 35 mph.

“This is a busy road which intersects the village and pedestrians felt threatened by traffic when crossing the road or walking on the pavement including to St Mewan School.

“Thanks to Cornwall Council and Cornwall councillor Michael Bunney for working with the parish council to plan and install this solution which is proven to slow traffic flow through villages.”

Sally Bourton, from Trewoon Post Office, said: “I am thrilled we finally have average speed cameras in Trewoon, it’s been a long campaign that locals have fought for.

“I’ve been Postmistress at Trewoon for nearly 23 years and I know Graham Bunt was trying his hardest to get cameras installed back then.

“A new campaign started by David Tregonning during lockdown took off quickly and Cllr Michael Bunney thankfully agreed to pursue it on Trewoon’s behalf.

“Huge thanks to all that were involved and to St Mewan Parish Council for backing the scheme.

“The reduction in speed through the village is really noticeable already, many customers have commented that it’s now a pleasure walking to the shops and being able to safely cross the road.”