A number of authors are sharing their support for the opening of a new bookshop in Newquay this winter. 

War Horse writer Michael Morpurgo, Patrick Gale, Wyl Menmuir, Hollie McNish, Kris Helenga, Charlie Carroll, Naomi Jones and Tracey Williams have backed Clemo Books’ new permanent bookshop. 

Clemo Books has been a pop-up bookshop for two years and has now secured a permanent high street position in the town.  

Jaimie Poyner, Clemo Books founder and bookseller, is now Crowdfunding to raise money to support the business during the set-up stage. 

Michael Morpurgo said: “Just think how many readers are going to walk into this new bookshop in Newquay over the years to come.  

“Just think how one book enjoyed might make a reader for life. Just think how wonderful a pathway that is towards knowledge, self-knowledge and understanding.  

“I just think that Newquay, all who live there, and visit there, will have lives enriched.  

“I love thinking such thoughts. Just hope one or two of the books will be mine.” 

Charlie Carroll, author of The Lip, said: “For the last two years, Clemo Books and its wonderful owner Jaimie Poyner has become a vital part of Cornwall. Literature has always been integral to Cornish culture and identity, and without the expertise, compassion and dedication of independent booksellers such as Clemo, we would all be far poorer. I can’t wait to visit Jaimie’s new shop in Newquay, which will without doubt become a hub for book lovers across the Duchy.”  

Tracey Williams, author of Adrift: The Curious Tale of the Lego Lost at Sea, said: “Clemo’s pop-up bookshops and events are always an absolute delight so I’m over the moon that Newquay is to have its own warm and welcoming indie bookstore full of discoveries at last. 

“Jaime’s passion for books and literature is infectious and she goes to great lengths to match readers with books that will suit them. An inviting, friendly haven packed with an eclectic mix of literature for all ages is just what Newquay needs.”  

Kris Hallenga, author of Glittering A Turd and CoppaFeel founder, said: “I’m so so happy that Newquay will have an independent bookshop.  

“Is there anything better than the scent of a book shop? Clemo Books has gone from tabletop sales at farmers markets to claiming a spot on the high street and I’m mega proud.” 

Patrick Gale, author of Mother’s Boy, said: “As our response to them during the lockdowns proved, independent bookshops are precious lifelines and community hubs, as well as simply places to buy books.  

“As open libraries in Cornwall come to feel like rare breeds, indie bookshops fill the library-shaped gap, encouraging and nourishing young readers and later learners, supporting book clubs and generally broadening minds.  

“When I find a town has no bookshop, a part of me is always chilled – it’s like finding a town where you can’t buy bread – and hearing a bookshop is opening somewhere that has none immediately makes you think, ‘Well there’s a community that’s on the up’.

“All power to Clemo Books’ Crowdfunder campaign! Readers of Newquay, dig deep!”   

Hollie McNish, performer and author of Slug, said: “Clemo Books is such a brilliant pop-up bookshop and Jaimie is a dream of a bookseller to work with. Independent bookshops are the haven of high streets, help them out!”   

Naomi Jones, author of The Odd Fish and How To Make A Story, said: “It will be amazing to have an independent bookshop within our local community to share stories and help promote a love of reading. I can’t wait!”  

Jaimie said: “After announcing our plans, we have received incredible support from the local community, and we’re overjoyed that so many people in Newquay are excited to have a bookshop on the high street again. 

“But to have the support of authors has been really special. Their words have highlighted how all generations can find enjoyment in a bookshop, access culture and discover a love of reading.”  

For more information see: crowdfunder.co.uk/p/clemobooks