Abstract artwork from the Cornwall-based collective Prime Women Artists is currently on show at Truro High School for Girls.

The exhibition, entitled Driven to Abstraction: Exploring Internal and External Landscapes, has been curated by artists Sharon Bruster and Fran Marks to display the diverse styles of 17 group members. 

It is a part of an ongoing collaboration with the school's art department, sharing work with students to inspire their own endeavours.

“We are excited to hold our second show at the school’s beautiful art gallery,” said Sharon.

“A range of thought-provoking works in different media, including paintings, mixed media, photography, printmaking, textiles and collage have been selected for this exhibition.”

Sharon co-founded the collective in 2023 with fellow artist Maggie Cochran as an informal network for female artists practising in Cornwall. They aim to increase visibility of older women in society, while encouraging creativity in younger women.

The show runs daily until Friday, March 22 from 10am to 5pm.