An international artist has staged a world premiere of his paintings at a gallery in Penzance. 

Peter Kinkead, who is a recent resident of Penzance, staged his first solo exhibition at Redwing Gallery in Market Jew Street. He works with acrylics and mixed media and believes passionately in the importance of colour in his abstract paintings. 

Peter trained at the prestigious Chelsea Art College and after his course continued his film production career and put away his art works and paints in a box and stored them in a cupboard for the next 22 years.  

During lockdown in 2021, realising that if he did not start painting, it was probably never going to happen, he finally opened the box and began to paint.  

He travelled to Penzance for the winter where he had been a frequent visitor and started his painting career. Surprisingly The PZ Gallery offered him a place in their end of year show for the first ever public exhibition of his work. 

Since December 2021 he has exhibited at two other local galleries and held a 24-hour pop up exhibition at the Queens Hotel, where he sold his first art works in 2022. 

Peter has also just exhibited his work at the trendy KOBUN gallery in Tokyo.